Level 1 Lower Body

Date: September 23-24th, 8am-5pm
Where: Still Point Wellness
946 Tunnel Road, Asheville, NC, 28805

CE Info: 15-Hr NCBTMB CE Approved Course, Provider #451945-12


Normal Price: $995

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15 Hours Continuing Education Credit Approved by NCBTMB for Massage Therapy ($595 Value)

Opportunity to Learn Directly From Dr. Jerry Hesch, Creator of the Hesch Method (PRICELESS)

Most CE classes taught in the massage and manual therapy industry are variations on techniques that were originally developed years ago. This is a unique and extraordinary opportunity to learn directly from the creator of a method that has gained global recognition for its success in treating structural and soft tissue dysfunctions using innovative hands-on techniques.

3 Virtual Classroom Follow-Up Learning Sessions ($297 value)

The major disadvantage in live workshops is the lack of support available once you get back to your practice and begin encountering the inevitable questions that come up when implementing new strategies. This is why we’re offering these three additional learning sessions to dive deeper in the material and answer your specific questions that arise following the live workshop.

Latest Edition (2023) Hesch Method Lower Body Course PDF ($77 value)

Previously available as a separate purchase with online courses, you’ll receive the Hesch Method Lower Body Course manual at no additional cost. This latest edition has been updated in 2023 to include the most recent discoveries and techniques used by Dr. Hesch in his clinic.

Massage Therapy Muscle Treatment Companion Guide ($47 Value)

The innovative Hesch Method techniques become even more powerful when you have a clear roadmap for how to stack your existing hands-on skills on top of the method. This guide will walk you through which larger muscles are most helpful to target after you’ve restored proper joint and connective tissue mobility using the Hesch techniques.

Why is The Hesch
the “Missing
in eliminating
chronic and recurring

The most overlooked secret to better, faster, easier treatment results is understanding how to assess and restore “micro-motions” in joints throughout the entire body. These subtle movements are the essential building blocks for the larger movements we commonly measure and typically associate with proper joint mobility and healthy soft tissues.


When micro-motions become restricted, the body must find ways to adapt and compensate. These compensations often manifest as muscles becoming overactive or inhibited and often become the local source of the complaints which our clients present. However, the root cause of many chronic and recurring local pains are the subtle micro-motion blockages found elsewhere within the deepest, densest layers of the musculoskeletal system. 

Failure to identify and restore the micro-motion restrictions leaves us managing our clients’ symptoms, rather than addressing the source of the problem. Once the micro-motions are restored, the neuromuscular system can recalibrate itself, and pain-free, easeful and efficient movement is often quickly restored neurological inhibitions.

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The Hesch Method is a unique, gentle, whole-body

approach to identifying and treating the hidden

micro-motion dysfunctions in the human movement


As you learn to treat and restore these movements throughout the whole

body, you will be able to successfully resolve common chronic pains with

a new degree of speed, efficiency and long-term effectiveness rarely

achieved by other orthopedic manual therapists.

Why Learn The Hesch Method?

  • Distinguish yourself as the rare massage therapist who can find can ause can consistently deliver lasting, life-changing results in 1-3 treatments
  • Develop expertise in working directly with the nervous system to release deep tissue restrictions that inhibit the joints
  • Learn “No Guessing Assessing” that reveals root problems that restrict mobility and cause pain
  • Add Years to Your Career with a Gentle Approach that saves your hands and body from the normal stresses of manual therapy
  • Empower clients with simple self-treatment protocols to reinforce your hands-on work
  • Generate referrals and feel more confident to increase your fees because of your unique hands-on expertise


Dr. Jerry Hesch, DPT, MHS, PT

is sought out by clients and clinicians around the world as a leading expert on treating chronic pain caused by joint movement and connective tissue dysfunctions.


He has taught over 100 workshops, published numerous articles and co-authored the book Dynamic Body with Erik Dalton, Til Luchau, Tom Myers and other thought leaders and pioneers in biomechanics and manual therapy. 

Dr. Hesch began developing his method in order to heal his own body after serious injuries, and the Hesch Method is now the result of over 40 years of innovating manual therapy assessments and techniques that address often overlooked causes of pain.

What Are Clients Saying About the Hesch Method?

Even though I have so much bone-on-bone arthritis in my right knee that my doctor is ready to do a full joint replacement, after just one treatment with the Hesch Method I am able to walk up and down stairs without pain for the first time in years!

John Pfaff, Black Mountain, NC

These treatments have eliminated 90% of the SIJ and coccyx pain that I used to have all day long. Before the finding Dr. Hesch on YouTube and then Zach in Asheville, I had worked with multiple chiropractors and PT's without any relief for more than two years.


Doug Carson, W. Jefferson, NC

After years of many different types of treatments from many providers for my chronic SIJ pain, as a last resort I drove four hours to see Zach for the Hesch Method. In one session I was out of pain, and now two months later I'm still pain-free. It’s honestly hard to believe!


Alicia Brownstone, Atlanta, GA

What Are Massage Therapists Saying About the Hesch Method?

The Hesch Method has helped hundreds of my clients move more efficiently, effortlessly and without pain. I love how it gently and quickly unwinds deep fascial holds that can’t be reached through
traditional hands-on techniques. I use it all the time to systematically problem solve the deeper issues in the structure that are causing my clients’ problems.

Kiambu Dickerson, Orthopedic Massage Therapist,
New York City

In my 18-year quest to understand and resolve chronic pains, learning the Hesch Method is the best decision I’ve ever made. I call it the ‘Missing Link’ because it’s answered so many of my questions. It’s
sometimes hard to believe how fast, profound and lasting the treatment results are compared to other orthopedic techniques.


Zach Comer, Medical Massage Therapist, Asheville, NC

The Hesch Method often helps me find and treat the root causes of my clients pains, rather than just treating compensation patterns that aren’t really the source of the pain. For example, I’m often able to correct my clients’ neck and back pains by restoring proper alignment and movement to the feet and pelvis. It makes all of my other hands-on techniques more effective.


Sophie Hawkins, Massage
Therapist, Lake Chapala, Mexico



Level 1 Lower Body

The Neuro-Mechanical Model of Treatment: How to treat the nervous system, joints and the deepest layers of muscle/fascia/connective tissue with a unified approach


"No Guessing" Assessment Skills: Simple hands-on techniques to identify subtle restrictions that cause compensations and pain


Pattern Recognition: Connect the dots of the body by understanding how different joints work together, and learn to unwind patterns of restrictions throughout the body that are held in the deep myofascial layers


Treatment Protocols:  Step-by-step instructions for how to treat the Foot/Ankle, Knees, Hips, SIJ and Lumbar Spine in the most organized approach 

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Level 1 Lower Body Workshop

Normal Price: $995

Yours Now: $595

SAVE $400

Space is limited to the first 28 students to enroll!

This is a rare opportunity that you don't want to miss!

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